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Hi! I'm new. My name is Lynne, I party all around New England, I have… - 48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 26th, 2006|09:22 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community


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Hi! I'm new. My name is Lynne, I party all around New England, I have alot of crazy adventures and lots of cool stories to share ^.^
I found this community yesterday while searching and this was perfect.

So number 1 fabulous adventure: Who: Myself, my best friend Kyle and my friend Justin. When: about 3 days ago. Where: A Jew Camp and a hotel Why?: Because were truly fucked up and crazy super heros

So Kyle and I are driving in north boston to drop something off to one of my friends. After we do that we decide to get some beers on the way to Peabody to kid nap our friend Justin from a house party. So we drove to Peabody and went to this kids house that i didnt know. There was around 15 people there I didnt know and four i did. I intoduced myself and everyone actually seemed pretty cool. They were all around kyles age like 21 or so. We didnt end up kidnapping Justin because they were getting a hotel room for a party and we ended up going.
The room we got had two couches, two beds a microwave two chairs and a table, What more could we ask for? I sat in a chair for most of the time just talking to people i didnt know and drinking beers. These two girls came to my friend Mike and asked him if they could get any pills. He told them i had the red supermans but she didnt know what they were so i didnt even try to explain. Well anyways after they were there for 20 minutes I asked them what they were looking for. They wanted some oc's (i dont do them, i hate opiates and things like it, they make me feel icky.) So i told them i can usally get anything anytime and they said ok. I made a call and my friends said she could. So I ended up talking to them most of the time i was there.
I was getting more and more drunk when two other people i didnt know phoned the room and asked for me. Now i dont know the kid who even bought the room or half the people there so it was really awkward to get a phone call. Some people wanted supermans that were down the hall in another hotel room. It was halarious because the whole time im sitting in this corner of the hotel room drinking beer and receiving phone calls from people i didnt know in someones hotel room i didnt know and after my second call everyones like "why the hell is she recieving phone calls". I thought it was halrous and i didnt know either.

Anyways later in the night Justin bought 2 pills off me and Kyle bought a pill off of me and i decided to do one too. Why? because i was really really drunk at this point. I usually dont roll anymore, I've eaten like 300 + pills and they just dont work for me like they used to. I didnt plan on doing any of them but i make stupid decisions when i'm drunk. At this point i figure that since i'm already rolling i might as well eat a hit of extreamly good blotter acid. Kandi flipping is my favorite thing in the world. If i could Kandi flip for the rest of my life i would choose to. And i would be the happiest person ever. Anyways, Kyle took a hit too and the three of us left the party to drive to Jew camp.
Yes Jew Camp.Its a camp in Essex where jewish people send their kids in the summer time. Its called Camp Manorah. Its this camp on this awesome lake near Justins house. It has docks in the water and its just the greatest place in the world. So its like 4am at this time and all three of us are on the dock sitting down and playing with my LED poi, tripping, rolling, drinking, and smoking purple pot. The Lake looked fuzzy the mist in the air looked soft and the water looked unbelieveable. Im halucinating the plants are pink and orange and the white led poi looked crazy. After a while when we finished all the beers i split a roll with kyle and justin traded me a gram of pot for one. So at this point all three of us are drunk, Justin is on 3 rolls, Me and kyle are on 1 and 1/2 and tripping on acid. We saw soemthing BIG move in the water a few times and Kyle and Justin told me stories of a lake monster that they believe to be in the water.
Hah so anyways we all went swimming, for some reason I started to trip even harder in the water. I was doing back flips in off the docks. wooot. idk. So to make a long story short we packed up and went to justins house down the street from jew camp and sat there tripping our asses off and such. I split another pill with justin and shortly after we called our friend bill lepore who moved across country to go to school. I talked to him for like 2 and 1/2 hours long. WTF?!?!!? lol Kyle did some of the talking cuz i was tripping face at this point and talked to myself for a good 2 hours. hahahaha. I was halicinating patterns in the air just like I do on shrooms only they were brighter than ive ever seen. I was rolling like it was my first time again. It was all i've ever wanted a roll to be.
Anyways When i got home that day i was still tripping,  So i was just miserable for a little whiile. I made a list of like 32 things i want to do in life and how to do them. I didnt sleep when i got home, I think it must have been the cid still talking. I had the worst hangover. Like way worse than when i first started doing e all the time. I havent had a hangover like this in like 2 years. I forgot how it was. But it was all wroth it.

[User Picture]From: surrealkiller
2006-06-27 03:57 am (UTC)

Jew camp, that's classic ;)

And, my first time tripping will be this weekend, I am going to be at a three day rave with like twenty of my friends, I'm quite excited.
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[User Picture]From: reroute2remain
2006-06-27 09:53 am (UTC)
AAAAAAAAAAAAa! thats awesome! tripping is the best!! My first time i convinced myself there was no such thing as schizophrenia and that schizophrenics where just misunderstood. HAH! i know i'm wrong but i still believe it. it would take me a could hours to explain why i think that.

three day rave? =) sounds awesome, I'm going to the world electronic music festival in canada in mid july. i immagine there quite like each other, make sure you write about it! =)
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