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ChiKago.. [Dec. 27th, 2005|11:38 am]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community


[mood |lethargiclethargic]

Well, last night was quite the night. After a whole night of rolling we decided to go to Chicago at 7:00AM the next day for the hell of it since we were all still awake, just to go and visit Adam and his house full of friends in Chicago. Jason thought this was a great idea while he, Logan, Feen, Stephanie and I were all rolling our balls off. Feen and Stephy could not go so Jason and Logan and I got ready to leave and go down to Chi-town. We start driving and in goes the Happy hardcore CD (Jason mostly listens to HHC). All the way there I had to listen to it, it was not so bad though...in fact I kind of liked it.

The ride in the car was like a big blur of rollyness, we stopped at a Speedway and the boys got some pills out of the trunk and brought them into the car. Logan fed me more pieces of pillness, we had Blue Supermans. He gave some to Jason as well and we were on the road again to Chicago. What I kept thinking was how crazy it was that Jason can drive while rolling. I can't even so much as stand without fidgeting. I liked riding in the back, when the rest of that pill kicked in I was chewing my nook and interested in the cars behind us so I turned around and watched the bright headlights of the cars driving along the tollway through the back window. Cars are very entertaining when I am rolly. That was my first rolly car ride.

We got to Chicago in an hour and a half. Found the apartment pretty quick and parked and went inside. It was hot as hell and there were like five people there already. Everyone was on something, this, I knew, was the house of K. There was a bag of it sitting on the table for everyone to do for free. I talked for a bit to Logan's friends whom I have heard of but never talked to. I finally met Adam, Shorty and Mike, Colin's cousin. I knew Logan was doing K but I was afraid to take any because I did'nt know if it would be cool since Adam did'nt know me. Logan came out of the room where the lines were being done and asked me if I got any K yet. I said no and he asked if I wanted some and I asked "How much does it cost?" he said it was free. He made a little line for me and gave me more pieces of pills. I returned to the dark livingroom where there was some kick ass trance playing and some of my raver friends were working on their glowsticking skills. The K kicked in and I felt myself melting so I sat in my spot on the floor against the sub. Feeling the music was the best part of it all, every time the bass of a song kicked in I felt like it went right through me, it intensified anything that was in my system. The K and the roll work very nice together in my opinion. Adam noticed that I was lying by the sub and said "Should I turn up the bass?", it was funny.

I was in a big haze and people decided to spin glowsticks on strings right in the middle of the livingroom, which they made nice and dark for us. Well, the room is not very big so whoever was spinning was right in front of me, though I was lying on the sub still so they were well above me. I was still scared that I would get smacked with a glowstick so I decided to lay down on the floor and watch. It was amazing, I was completely blown away...all three people that were spinning were totally multi-platinum spinners. Watching them made me roll even harder, I loved when Adam busted out the white glowsticks, they were SO bright, the strings just disappear and all you see is the lights and the colors, Jason had these green lights he was also using which was sick as hell to see. I was very happy, I kept thinking "This is great, this is THE best drug experience I have ever had". And it was.

I can always tell which drug is taking over when I am on more than one thing. It was like switching between the roll and the K. But overall, the K ruled everything because it kept me stuck on the floor...I really wanted to get up and go to the bathroom at one time but I just could not, I was like a magnet on a fridge. I really had to get some will power to get myself to want to get up. I just stared at the bathroom and finally got up really slow and walked there. When I wanted my water I tried to make it come to me with mind power...but in the end I had to get up and get it.

I was stuck for like three hours and then passed the fuck out. I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the roll but I was way too stuck.

When I woke up I remember the Circus De Soliel being on TV, that shit was straight up making me trip out. Some kickin' fuckin music tho. Gotta get some of that on MP3.

That was my X-mas. How was yours?

[User Picture]From: reroute2remain
2006-06-27 01:14 am (UTC)
MMM! blue supermans =) i just had some red ones. you write really well by the way!
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[User Picture]From: surrealkiller
2006-06-27 03:51 am (UTC)
Mmmmm I know, god I miss those, it's been dry over here recently for pressies :(

A lot of Molly tho.

Never tried the red ones. And thanks, I LOVE to write about this stuff, it makes me able to remember what happened even months later.
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[User Picture]From: reroute2remain
2006-06-27 09:59 am (UTC)
hahahahah you remind me so much of me and my friends its kinda scary, the red are better than the blue. The molly has been dry around here. But there has been these camoflage collored rolls around that are the BEST ive ever had. Althought i wish they were molly.
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