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Hi there people.. first post on 48hourpartypeople, an we thought it… - 48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 31st, 2005|01:22 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community
Hi there people.. first post on 48hourpartypeople, an we thought it should
be a detailed review of some nang (and some not) london clubs, what to
bring/wear, what to expect, average cost, what kind of crowd/music,
special events, what nights to go to and not, etc.. basically the shit
that viewlondon dusnt tell you...
so we'l start with the famous old favourite..


Tube : Farringdon
Walk out and expect to find the legendary 'Pill Hill' leading to
Fabric, a short stretch of road leading to fabric where every other
person is a pill dealer. dont buy here most are duds....(we learnt the
hard way)

Expect to queue for a minimum of 1 hour if u arrive after 11, and your
looking at at least 2 hours if its a tru playaz night...[last friday of
every month fabric hosts tru playaz with its top djs playing drum n
bass all night] or.. 5mins if you buy tickets in advance or you get on the guestlist (EDNA's to be precise...)

Friday Nights : HipHop & Drum n Bass

Saturday : House (older crowd)

Sunday : GAY night - To be avoided.

Its about £12 to get in, once u get past the till, DONT queue up behind
everyone for the cloakroom, instead just go straight to the front, as
theyre proper close to the till, no one ever says anything..

Fabric generally has quite a joke mixed pilled up friendly crowd with
not much aggro,

Dress Code : Strictly Casual.

Accessability : Bring fake id cos they got really tight recently, no
large all male/female groups.

Drinks : Expect to pay £3 for a refillable water bottle, £3.50 for a
beer or vodka red bull.. average london club prices really.

Girl To Boy Ratio : 40:60

Toilets are unisex, and to operate the

Dont get caught dealing or insult the bouncers : You will be taken in
the elevator "upstairs" and given a thorough beating.

Get there no later than 1130, preferably 11, otherwise you will be queueing for tiiiiime

Accessibility : 7/10 Bring a good fake id, small mixed group, act sober
and if your black expect to be searched... : )

Travel : 8/10. 5 min walk from a tube station in central london. nice.

Music : 8/10 Fabric some sick sound system with a bass
thats actually fitted into the floor... you can feel it go right
through you.

Drugs : 8/10 Easily available if you get there early, generally good
quality due to the number of "club dealers", and often plently of
people willing to share.

Interior : 8/10 Nice beds and plenty of cotch areas, more bars than you
can count, and a pretty massive club, 3 rooms, nice big stairwells with
modern scary art in glass boxes where a load of people on bad trips
will be lying paraleticly groaning. After a while it feels just like
home ! : )

Getting Back : 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride to kings cross, and from there you can get pretty much anywhere... or wait til 6am an the tubes open again.

Overall : 9/10
If you live in London, there is not excuse not to visit this club at
least once. Even people in the country have. Seriously legendary.

Mr Jack says... Fabric is one of if not one of the top rated clubs on my London Club list. Something that this club has that some clubs fail to achieve is it's overall comfortable atmosphere, as the majority of clubbers that attend 'Fabric:Live or True Players' are very friendly and are there for the same reason as you.
I can't really describe Fabric, as it is an experience that you really do need to have for yourself (not pretending to have gone to a club and then going on about how sick it is, not naming any names)

Peace... 48 hour party people. x

Oh and heres a picture of a SMALL bit of the typical fabric queue on friday night...^^

From: expensive_habit
2005-05-31 10:23 pm (UTC)
lol, iv saved so many pillheads from their confusion and certain death by dehydration by teaching them that. but i wouldv thought better of you...
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