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My first time.... [Nov. 5th, 2005|04:49 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community


[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |DJ Lime - Concept October]

I went to Hellraver last night in Belgium, WI. it was my first outdoor party. In a big ass field, three stages, giant bon fire.. it was a partay indeed.

It was my first time rolling, ever. I felt like I was in a dream most of the time. I loved the feeling of loveness in me, I already am lovey as a person and that stuff just made me moreso. I noticed that lights lasted longer, trailing and brighter than ever. Anything that sparkled or was blinky, I would try to grab and make it mine. The lights next to the stages were the most captivating, I remember walking toward them to try and touch them, but my friends made sure I was held back. I am glad no one let me knock anything over, because I fully intended to grab those lights. Also, I loved the projections, I would walk toward the projector and just stare into it and watch the colors go.

I loved all the people coming by me to give hugs and loves. My friend Colin gives the best rolly hugs ever, he does this thing with his hands where he rolls them up and down your back with just the right pressure, it felt like an orgasm every time. I loved light shows, every time I saw a raver with lights or glow sticks, I stopped and watched. Sometimes they would ask me if I wanted a show :).

It was hard for me to walk on the stuff, especially while I was peaking and about a few hours after. I also can't talk very well at all, I can say a few words, but then I just get lost in thought during a conversation. The worst side effects are the wandering mind, racing thoughts and chewing. I think I chewed through my first binky, though, I lost it at the end of the night so I don't know if I really did. I remember my inability to keep the binky in my mouth, every once in awhile it would fall out and I would'nt even notice. My friends who were babysitting me had to stuff it back in so I would not chew my face off. When I caught on to my friends doing this, sometimes I spit it out just to be naughty so they had to get it and put it back in. Hee hee.

Everything made me laugh, my vision was blurry at times and my eyes did this thing where they darted back and fourth as I was peaking and a little after. My ability to focus was terrible, and my range of sight was not so far. I loved to see car lights, they were very bright to me...good thing my friends were there when I wanted to walk toward them, because I know I would have. The field we were on had everyone parking right up to the actual rave area, so when cars would leave they would have to roll past the large fire, where I was stationed for most of the night.

I was amazed at how time flies when you are rolling, I felt like I was only at the party for an hour when I got there at 11 and left at 6AM when the sun came up. Micheal Wentz came up to talk to me and I did'nt recognize him until he said hi for the third time, normally I would know him right away. I remember Logan and Colin coming up to me at the rave and talking to me loudly, all I could do was stare at them. I remember Colin standing in front of me with his hands on my shoulders saying "Chrystal, say something, say 'hi'", I tried to say hi, but I could only mouth it with no sound. I just gave him hugs instead. I remember staring with my eyes wide open, they felt like they were huge. I loved the smell of that Vick's stuff, Logan kept blowing it into my face and I would just breathe it in, it was amazing.

Today I am completely exhausted, my jaw hurts to close it and to chew, I still have a small urge to chew as well. My head feels like it's cloudy and off-center. I am having a hard time thinking straight and remembering to do things. I am really spaced out and have a slower reaction time.

I think that rolling is not an all the time thing, but I will definetly do it again. It did what I wanted it to do, it made me forget what is ailing me at this time, and just be happy.

[User Picture]From: jack_jewell
2005-11-06 03:33 pm (UTC)
Hmm, I can't quite imagine what a party must be like in the United States, I would imagine it to just be as good as here, and slightly less organised with more improvised mayhem.

I wonder if it's like the music videos?
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[User Picture]From: surrealkiller
2005-11-06 06:42 pm (UTC)

Here goes...

Well, usually the raves here are advertised for about a month or so with colorful fliers with all the DJ's on them that are going to be there. Sometimes there are presale tickets, but sometimes you just pay at the door, usually about $15 - $25. We are allowed to bring toys into most raves (glowsticks, blinky lights, fuzzy things, pacifiers) but sometimes not depending on the security at the door. We are never permitted to bring food or water in, they always provide bottled water inside for about $2.

When we arrive at the venue, we pay (or give them our ticket), get searched for weapons/drugs and walk in. If it is an indoor venue we are not permitted to leave and come back in most of the time, if we do leave, we must stay out.

Once the night starts, the people that did not bring their desired drugs with them go and start asking around to see who has what. They make their purchase and take whatever it was. The building gets packed to the brim about a two hours into the party and people start dancing and the DJ's get riled up and really start making some noise, by this time one can feel and hear the bass no matter where you go in the building. During this time most of the drugs have started to kick in so people are more spacey, bouncy or talkative than usual depending on what they took.

Most of our raves are set up with a main stage (usually the largest room in the building) where the headliners will play and a second stage or even a third where the smaller local DJ's spin. It all depends on the building though, I live by the largest venue in Milwaukee and it has twelve rooms and every NYE some of the biggest DJ's come and spin there along with many locals. It's like a maze and usually brings about three thousand people every year. I think last year we had 30 DJ's in all. You can run around the building and find other rooms to dance in, there are stairs everywhere and there is a tripping room usually set up with pillows and blankets so the rollers and trippers can lay and give massages. I always get lost in that venue and if I came with people I always lose them....so we decide on a meeting place in the building before we split up to watch our desired DJ's.

The only lighting at most of our raves is the lazers and lights that the DJ's bring. There are always lazer shows and stupid fog machines (I hate those). Our parties last until 6AM usually unless they are in a controlled venue in the city, in that case by law they have to end at 2AM if they are serving alcohol (Any place serving alcohol MUST close by law at 2AM here in Wisconsin). In other states (very few) places can stay open much later or all night and into the morning.

So there you have it, raves in the US for ya.
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