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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2006|09:22 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community

[music |WEMF.com music =)]

Hi! I'm new. My name is Lynne, I party all around New England, I have alot of crazy adventures and lots of cool stories to share ^.^
I found this community yesterday while searching and this was perfect.

So number 1 fabulous adventure: Who: Myself, my best friend Kyle and my friend Justin. When: about 3 days ago. Where: A Jew Camp and a hotel Why?: Because were truly fucked up and crazy super heros

So Kyle and I are driving in north boston to drop something off to one of my friends. After we do that we decide to get some beers on the way to Peabody to kid nap our friend Justin from a house party. So we drove to Peabody and went to this kids house that i didnt know. There was around 15 people there I didnt know and four i did. I intoduced myself and everyone actually seemed pretty cool. They were all around kyles age like 21 or so. We didnt end up kidnapping Justin because they were getting a hotel room for a party and we ended up going.
The room we got had two couches, two beds a microwave two chairs and a table, What more could we ask for? I sat in a chair for most of the time just talking to people i didnt know and drinking beers. These two girls came to my friend Mike and asked him if they could get any pills. He told them i had the red supermans but she didnt know what they were so i didnt even try to explain. Well anyways after they were there for 20 minutes I asked them what they were looking for. They wanted some oc's (i dont do them, i hate opiates and things like it, they make me feel icky.) So i told them i can usally get anything anytime and they said ok. I made a call and my friends said she could. So I ended up talking to them most of the time i was there.
I was getting more and more drunk when two other people i didnt know phoned the room and asked for me. Now i dont know the kid who even bought the room or half the people there so it was really awkward to get a phone call. Some people wanted supermans that were down the hall in another hotel room. It was halarious because the whole time im sitting in this corner of the hotel room drinking beer and receiving phone calls from people i didnt know in someones hotel room i didnt know and after my second call everyones like "why the hell is she recieving phone calls". I thought it was halrous and i didnt know either.

Anyways later in the night Justin bought 2 pills off me and Kyle bought a pill off of me and i decided to do one too. Why? because i was really really drunk at this point. I usually dont roll anymore, I've eaten like 300 + pills and they just dont work for me like they used to. I didnt plan on doing any of them but i make stupid decisions when i'm drunk. At this point i figure that since i'm already rolling i might as well eat a hit of extreamly good blotter acid. Kandi flipping is my favorite thing in the world. If i could Kandi flip for the rest of my life i would choose to. And i would be the happiest person ever. Anyways, Kyle took a hit too and the three of us left the party to drive to Jew camp.
Yes Jew Camp.Its a camp in Essex where jewish people send their kids in the summer time. Its called Camp Manorah. Its this camp on this awesome lake near Justins house. It has docks in the water and its just the greatest place in the world. So its like 4am at this time and all three of us are on the dock sitting down and playing with my LED poi, tripping, rolling, drinking, and smoking purple pot. The Lake looked fuzzy the mist in the air looked soft and the water looked unbelieveable. Im halucinating the plants are pink and orange and the white led poi looked crazy. After a while when we finished all the beers i split a roll with kyle and justin traded me a gram of pot for one. So at this point all three of us are drunk, Justin is on 3 rolls, Me and kyle are on 1 and 1/2 and tripping on acid. We saw soemthing BIG move in the water a few times and Kyle and Justin told me stories of a lake monster that they believe to be in the water.
Hah so anyways we all went swimming, for some reason I started to trip even harder in the water. I was doing back flips in off the docks. wooot. idk. So to make a long story short we packed up and went to justins house down the street from jew camp and sat there tripping our asses off and such. I split another pill with justin and shortly after we called our friend bill lepore who moved across country to go to school. I talked to him for like 2 and 1/2 hours long. WTF?!?!!? lol Kyle did some of the talking cuz i was tripping face at this point and talked to myself for a good 2 hours. hahahaha. I was halicinating patterns in the air just like I do on shrooms only they were brighter than ive ever seen. I was rolling like it was my first time again. It was all i've ever wanted a roll to be.
Anyways When i got home that day i was still tripping,  So i was just miserable for a little whiile. I made a list of like 32 things i want to do in life and how to do them. I didnt sleep when i got home, I think it must have been the cid still talking. I had the worst hangover. Like way worse than when i first started doing e all the time. I havent had a hangover like this in like 2 years. I forgot how it was. But it was all wroth it.
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2006|07:36 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community



--no point-- not if your goin out.
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ChiKago.. [Dec. 27th, 2005|11:38 am]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community

[mood |lethargiclethargic]

Well, last night was quite the night. After a whole night of rolling we decided to go to Chicago at 7:00AM the next day for the hell of it since we were all still awake, just to go and visit Adam and his house full of friends in Chicago. Jason thought this was a great idea while he, Logan, Feen, Stephanie and I were all rolling our balls off. Feen and Stephy could not go so Jason and Logan and I got ready to leave and go down to Chi-town. We start driving and in goes the Happy hardcore CD (Jason mostly listens to HHC). All the way there I had to listen to it, it was not so bad though...in fact I kind of liked it.

The ride in the car was like a big blur of rollyness, we stopped at a Speedway and the boys got some pills out of the trunk and brought them into the car. Logan fed me more pieces of pillness, we had Blue Supermans. He gave some to Jason as well and we were on the road again to Chicago. What I kept thinking was how crazy it was that Jason can drive while rolling. I can't even so much as stand without fidgeting. I liked riding in the back, when the rest of that pill kicked in I was chewing my nook and interested in the cars behind us so I turned around and watched the bright headlights of the cars driving along the tollway through the back window. Cars are very entertaining when I am rolly. That was my first rolly car ride.

We got to Chicago in an hour and a half. Found the apartment pretty quick and parked and went inside. It was hot as hell and there were like five people there already. Everyone was on something, this, I knew, was the house of K. There was a bag of it sitting on the table for everyone to do for free. I talked for a bit to Logan's friends whom I have heard of but never talked to. I finally met Adam, Shorty and Mike, Colin's cousin. I knew Logan was doing K but I was afraid to take any because I did'nt know if it would be cool since Adam did'nt know me. Logan came out of the room where the lines were being done and asked me if I got any K yet. I said no and he asked if I wanted some and I asked "How much does it cost?" he said it was free. He made a little line for me and gave me more pieces of pills. I returned to the dark livingroom where there was some kick ass trance playing and some of my raver friends were working on their glowsticking skills. The K kicked in and I felt myself melting so I sat in my spot on the floor against the sub. Feeling the music was the best part of it all, every time the bass of a song kicked in I felt like it went right through me, it intensified anything that was in my system. The K and the roll work very nice together in my opinion. Adam noticed that I was lying by the sub and said "Should I turn up the bass?", it was funny.

I was in a big haze and people decided to spin glowsticks on strings right in the middle of the livingroom, which they made nice and dark for us. Well, the room is not very big so whoever was spinning was right in front of me, though I was lying on the sub still so they were well above me. I was still scared that I would get smacked with a glowstick so I decided to lay down on the floor and watch. It was amazing, I was completely blown away...all three people that were spinning were totally multi-platinum spinners. Watching them made me roll even harder, I loved when Adam busted out the white glowsticks, they were SO bright, the strings just disappear and all you see is the lights and the colors, Jason had these green lights he was also using which was sick as hell to see. I was very happy, I kept thinking "This is great, this is THE best drug experience I have ever had". And it was.

I can always tell which drug is taking over when I am on more than one thing. It was like switching between the roll and the K. But overall, the K ruled everything because it kept me stuck on the floor...I really wanted to get up and go to the bathroom at one time but I just could not, I was like a magnet on a fridge. I really had to get some will power to get myself to want to get up. I just stared at the bathroom and finally got up really slow and walked there. When I wanted my water I tried to make it come to me with mind power...but in the end I had to get up and get it.

I was stuck for like three hours and then passed the fuck out. I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the roll but I was way too stuck.

When I woke up I remember the Circus De Soliel being on TV, that shit was straight up making me trip out. Some kickin' fuckin music tho. Gotta get some of that on MP3.

That was my X-mas. How was yours?
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My first time.... [Nov. 5th, 2005|04:49 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community

[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |DJ Lime - Concept October]

I went to Hellraver last night in Belgium, WI. it was my first outdoor party. In a big ass field, three stages, giant bon fire.. it was a partay indeed.

It was my first time rolling, ever. I felt like I was in a dream most of the time. I loved the feeling of loveness in me, I already am lovey as a person and that stuff just made me moreso. I noticed that lights lasted longer, trailing and brighter than ever. Anything that sparkled or was blinky, I would try to grab and make it mine. The lights next to the stages were the most captivating, I remember walking toward them to try and touch them, but my friends made sure I was held back. I am glad no one let me knock anything over, because I fully intended to grab those lights. Also, I loved the projections, I would walk toward the projector and just stare into it and watch the colors go.

I loved all the people coming by me to give hugs and loves. My friend Colin gives the best rolly hugs ever, he does this thing with his hands where he rolls them up and down your back with just the right pressure, it felt like an orgasm every time. I loved light shows, every time I saw a raver with lights or glow sticks, I stopped and watched. Sometimes they would ask me if I wanted a show :).

It was hard for me to walk on the stuff, especially while I was peaking and about a few hours after. I also can't talk very well at all, I can say a few words, but then I just get lost in thought during a conversation. The worst side effects are the wandering mind, racing thoughts and chewing. I think I chewed through my first binky, though, I lost it at the end of the night so I don't know if I really did. I remember my inability to keep the binky in my mouth, every once in awhile it would fall out and I would'nt even notice. My friends who were babysitting me had to stuff it back in so I would not chew my face off. When I caught on to my friends doing this, sometimes I spit it out just to be naughty so they had to get it and put it back in. Hee hee.

Everything made me laugh, my vision was blurry at times and my eyes did this thing where they darted back and fourth as I was peaking and a little after. My ability to focus was terrible, and my range of sight was not so far. I loved to see car lights, they were very bright to me...good thing my friends were there when I wanted to walk toward them, because I know I would have. The field we were on had everyone parking right up to the actual rave area, so when cars would leave they would have to roll past the large fire, where I was stationed for most of the night.

I was amazed at how time flies when you are rolling, I felt like I was only at the party for an hour when I got there at 11 and left at 6AM when the sun came up. Micheal Wentz came up to talk to me and I did'nt recognize him until he said hi for the third time, normally I would know him right away. I remember Logan and Colin coming up to me at the rave and talking to me loudly, all I could do was stare at them. I remember Colin standing in front of me with his hands on my shoulders saying "Chrystal, say something, say 'hi'", I tried to say hi, but I could only mouth it with no sound. I just gave him hugs instead. I remember staring with my eyes wide open, they felt like they were huge. I loved the smell of that Vick's stuff, Logan kept blowing it into my face and I would just breathe it in, it was amazing.

Today I am completely exhausted, my jaw hurts to close it and to chew, I still have a small urge to chew as well. My head feels like it's cloudy and off-center. I am having a hard time thinking straight and remembering to do things. I am really spaced out and have a slower reaction time.

I think that rolling is not an all the time thing, but I will definetly do it again. It did what I wanted it to do, it made me forget what is ailing me at this time, and just be happy.
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2005|11:36 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community
48 hour party people recommends...

Scratch perverts

Bribing the toilet attendant to let u in the ladies bit or to share a cubicule (seriously man, a fiver and hes your friend for life) a worthwhile investment as he will also help you track down your friends!

48 hour party people does not recommend...

Bringing your days profit (namely £150) to a club... i really really miss it now...
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2005|11:36 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community
We are currently searching for new recruits and members for our evergrowing raving movement and establishment, preferably female.

If you believe you have it in you to be a member of our community, please do not hesitate to contact one of our managers for guidelines of how to join.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2005|02:07 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community
Dee- Pills & Charlie & MDMA (central london) - links you most places in central london, but you gotta call him eaaarly, look for the scar on his face. And he speaks bare bare fast

B - Pills & Charlie (angel) - Bit expensive, decent shit

Dario - Pills (hammersmith) - Bareee cheap, but he makes you meet him in a dark alleyway. And he's black.

Comment if you want numbers
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2005|01:22 pm]
48 Hour Party People Clubbing Community
Hi there people.. first post on 48hourpartypeople, an we thought it should
be a detailed review of some nang (and some not) london clubs, what to
bring/wear, what to expect, average cost, what kind of crowd/music,
special events, what nights to go to and not, etc.. basically the shit
that viewlondon dusnt tell you...
so we'l start with the famous old favourite..


Tube : Farringdon
Walk out and expect to find the legendary 'Pill Hill' leading to
Fabric, a short stretch of road leading to fabric where every other
person is a pill dealer. dont buy here most are duds....(we learnt the
hard way)

Expect to queue for a minimum of 1 hour if u arrive after 11, and your
looking at at least 2 hours if its a tru playaz night...[last friday of
every month fabric hosts tru playaz with its top djs playing drum n
bass all night] or.. 5mins if you buy tickets in advance or you get on the guestlist (EDNA's to be precise...)

Friday Nights : HipHop & Drum n Bass

Saturday : House (older crowd)

Sunday : GAY night - To be avoided.

Its about £12 to get in, once u get past the till, DONT queue up behind
everyone for the cloakroom, instead just go straight to the front, as
theyre proper close to the till, no one ever says anything..

Fabric generally has quite a joke mixed pilled up friendly crowd with
not much aggro,

Dress Code : Strictly Casual.

Accessability : Bring fake id cos they got really tight recently, no
large all male/female groups.

Drinks : Expect to pay £3 for a refillable water bottle, £3.50 for a
beer or vodka red bull.. average london club prices really.

Girl To Boy Ratio : 40:60

Toilets are unisex, and to operate the

Dont get caught dealing or insult the bouncers : You will be taken in
the elevator "upstairs" and given a thorough beating.

Get there no later than 1130, preferably 11, otherwise you will be queueing for tiiiiime

Accessibility : 7/10 Bring a good fake id, small mixed group, act sober
and if your black expect to be searched... : )

Travel : 8/10. 5 min walk from a tube station in central london. nice.

Music : 8/10 Fabric some sick sound system with a bass
thats actually fitted into the floor... you can feel it go right
through you.

Drugs : 8/10 Easily available if you get there early, generally good
quality due to the number of "club dealers", and often plently of
people willing to share.

Interior : 8/10 Nice beds and plenty of cotch areas, more bars than you
can count, and a pretty massive club, 3 rooms, nice big stairwells with
modern scary art in glass boxes where a load of people on bad trips
will be lying paraleticly groaning. After a while it feels just like
home ! : )

Getting Back : 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride to kings cross, and from there you can get pretty much anywhere... or wait til 6am an the tubes open again.

Overall : 9/10
If you live in London, there is not excuse not to visit this club at
least once. Even people in the country have. Seriously legendary.

Mr Jack says... Fabric is one of if not one of the top rated clubs on my London Club list. Something that this club has that some clubs fail to achieve is it's overall comfortable atmosphere, as the majority of clubbers that attend 'Fabric:Live or True Players' are very friendly and are there for the same reason as you.
I can't really describe Fabric, as it is an experience that you really do need to have for yourself (not pretending to have gone to a club and then going on about how sick it is, not naming any names)

Peace... 48 hour party people. x

Oh and heres a picture of a SMALL bit of the typical fabric queue on friday night...^^
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